Se habla español

¡Sí! I designed and developed this website in two weeks. Oh! And wrote all of the text from scratch en español. Then I wrote the script for two TV spots in Spanish to accompany the launch of the website.

Website design project menu:

Menu - Besante Website
Menu - WTF Novelties Website
Menu - HomeSteps Website
Menu - El Greco Website
Menu - Good Greek Loan Website

Project: El Greco website design

In an effort to expand its reach to the Spanish speaking audience, Good Greek asked me to build a website en español. I wrote 100% of the copy, while maintaining the brand voice in a different language.

Website Design Sample: El Greco Design


• Good Greek Moving & Storage
• Good Greek Franchises
• WordPress
• Adobe XD
• Adobe Photoshop
Work Performed:
• Wireframes
• Prototypes
• Copywriting
• WordPress development
• CSS3

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Ok. Now we know each other a bit, but I guess there are other things you’re still wondering about me. Take a look at my résumé and when you’re done with it, shoot me an email and let me know how I can help you sell more.

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