Hope you're not easily offended

Imagine getting paid to make double entendre jokes and putting them on the web, on packaging and email campaigns. Yup. Definitely the most fun project I’ve worked on, that probably shouldn’t be in my portfolio.

Website design project menu:

Menu - Besante Website
Menu - WTF Novelties Website
Menu - HomeSteps Website
Menu - El Greco Website
Menu - Good Greek Loan Website

Project: WTF Novelties website design

WTF Novelties is a company that makes high quality bath bombs with just the wrong names, like “Just the Tip”, “Blue Balls” and “Big Johnson”. This project included copywriting, design and development. The only limitation given, was that the website needed to be built on a black background.

Website Design Sample: WTF Novelties Website Design


• WTF Novelties
• Ryze Agency
• Shopify
• Adobe XD
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Illustrator
Work Performed:
• Wireframes
• Prototypes
• Copywriting
• Web development
• HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript

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