Working with known brands

I’ve been lucky to collaborate with some well known brands like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Heat, Florida Panthers and others. Getting things approved by their marketing teams isn’t always fun, but is part of the job.

Graphic design project menu:

Menu - Good Greek Realty Booklet
Menu - WTF Novelties Website
Menu - American Cancer Society Truck
Menu - Tampa Bay Buccaneers Truck

Project: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Truck Design

Just a little bit bigger than your typical business card, this was an exciting project to work on. Bryan Fariñas, my Senior Designer, provided preliminary designs, but was having problems getting them approved, so I tackled the design based on his initial concept, and got it across the finish line. If you see this baby driving down the street let me know. It’s definitely impressive.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Truck Design
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Truck Design


• Truck design
• Good Greek Moving & Storage / Tampa Bay Buccaneers
• Good Greek Franchises
• Adobe Illustrator
Work Performed:
• Art Direction
• Graphic design

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