A feminine touch

Working with different audiences in advertising, I needed to adapt to their expectations. The target audience for this brand is mostly women, so I needed to add a feminine touch my design in order to get my message across.

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Project: LovaSkin email campaigns

The main goal of graphic design is to communicate. And in order to communicate, a designer must use visual cues and language in order to make sure the message is well received by its intended audience. As much as I enjoy using grungy fonts and imagery, I embrace the challenge of communicating to all types of audiences.

Email Design and Marketing - LovaSkin
Email Design and Marketing - LovaSkin
Email Design and Marketing - LovaSkin


• LovaSkin
• Ryze Agency
• Omnisend
• Shopify
• Adobe Photoshop
• Stripo
Work Performed:
• Wireframes
• Prototypes
• Design
• Research
• Copywriting

I drink my coffee black. No cream or sugar. How about you?

Ok. Now we know each other a bit, but I guess there are other things you’re still wondering about me. Take a look at my résumé and when you’re done with it, shoot me an email and let me know how I can help you sell more.

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