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customize your facebook fan page with mdo studio

mdo studio can help you stand out with a customized facebook fan page. Fill the form on the right hand side and we will contact you as soon as we can...

This is the first step to improve branding. The profile picture is located on top left of your Facebook business page and can cover an area of 200 x 600 pixels. We use the profile picture as a marketing tool by adding a message or slogan, website address & contact information.

Add a custom static facebook tabbed page with text, images, tables or links. You can promote your brand, your message or sell your product in an uncluttered page. In addition you can make this your default page.

Generate more leads or sales using one of our optimized landing page templates. Our landing page includes a lead generation form with up-to 7 fields.

We'll create a user-friendly microsite on your Fan Page including up-to 4 sub-pages and one contact form. Contact us for prices.

Bundle up with a custom twitter background and save $29!

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